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IT Crowd series 2

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A new season of the British sitcom, the IT Crowd, set in an IT department/basement has just started showing on TV. It’s from Graham Lineham (the same guy as Father Ted). I must admit that first time round I didn’t find the series that funny (and neither did many people), or at least not laugh-out-loud funny; but the new series I’m glad to say had me in stitches. The characters are all basically still the same, but their production values seem to have increased massively. The first episode wasn’t set in the office, so maybe that had a large part to do with the hilarity.

If you can’t get it on TV, then fear not, it’s all over the interwebs. Check out stage6 or youtube.


Written by jasonmc

August 29, 2007 at 10:25 pm

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