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So, no posts for a long time. So much has happened in the intervening time between this and the predecessor post.

In a nutshell, I:

  • did not complete Google Summer of Code :/
  • travelled to America – Boston and New York mostly
  • bought a Macbook Pro while I was there 🙂 (also a nice 20″ widescreen Dell monitor)
  • came back, turned 21, left work
  • moved into Botany Bay apartments in College and started the penultimate ultimate undergraduate year

I just bought a copy of David Allen’s GTD so hopefully my personal productivity will have a sharp increase in the near future.


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October 27, 2006 at 3:02 am

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Buck 65 take 2

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I went to see Buck 65 for the second time with Gareth last week in Whelans. Just like the last time, he autographed my ticket. Such a cool guy. I really have respect for modern artists like him, he’s not afraid of change, and knows his loyal fanbase will support him and bring him Winegums. He has a “mix tape” available from his website, although it’s not clear to me what license it’s released under so I assume copyright which makes derivative works impossible.

Buck 65 ticket

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August 6, 2006 at 1:16 am

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Colinux, xdmx & xgl and crappy dapper fonts

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I’ve started playing with colinux on my laptop yesterday and got it to boot my dapper partition. I’m very impressed. It’ll come in handy sometime. (I usually run windows *yuck* on my laptop to play flash or some propriatary format or just to try out some software)

I’ve been wanting for ages to use my laptop display as an extra display for my linux desktop. I know there is at least 1 windows program that does this for windows. On linux, there is Xdmx. It acts as a proxy X-windows server connecting to multiple backend X servers. I managed to get an executable for cygwin, but after installing the 400mb of cygwin, realised that i was doing it backwards! What I need is to run xdmx on my desktop and connect to an x server on the laptop. Speaking of, xming seems way nicer than running cygwin as an xserver. Unfortunately, I have XGL running on my desktop and I think i’ll keep it for a while, so I’ll have to come back to this plan (unless someone makes xgl and xdmx work nicely, if even possible, probably aiglx would be much better). I now even have problems getting xdmcp to work, and I don’t see why, unless there’s something I’m not seeing in my gdm settings.

On another note, fonts for older applications like gnu-emacs, xmms and Gtk1 apps look terrible on my desktop and I can’t seem to find out why. It may be because my original install was from a beta. The fonts are massive, and worse really badly aliased.

dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig

makes no difference. Help!

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July 8, 2006 at 3:44 pm

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It’s not a big truck, it’s a series of tubes

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What am I talking about?

The internet no less! Who would’ve thought, that it’s not a big truck. What genius of human civilization? Senator Ted Stevens that’s who.

You have GOT to listen to this MP3 of him talking to the Senate Commerce committee.

It’s more than suspicious how much he seems to care for ‘the consumer’, even though this isn’t in the consumers interest. You decide who’s agenda he’s trying to forward. I mean, the man doesn’t have a clue, yet he seems to care an awful lot *SIGH*

I just the other day got, an internet was sent by my staff at 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday and I just got it yesterday. Why?

I wish someone would send me an internet once in a while…

Those bad content providers, streaming 10 or 12 movies over the internet, or even worse, WHOLE BOOKS!

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July 3, 2006 at 10:14 pm

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Friends get blogs

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Their lives are forever immortalized on the interweb.

Big shoutout to sarah and ronan

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June 30, 2006 at 5:57 pm

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Moving and mid-term

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Yep, I moved house successfully, however it caused quite a bit of disrupution during the previous week.

Soc-wise, I’ve still been looking at code, Qt networking is pretty nice. Still have been looking at Justin’s code and thinking more about the design of the whole thing. I want to adapt his service browsing code to be able to use the Apple dns_sd.h as well as the current jdns backend it uses. Also looked a good bit at his Ambrosia jabber server, because that’s what my design (it’s a proxy jabber server) will be working from. Also looked at the Jabber XMPP RFCs a bit.

Oh, got my ‘ proof of enrollment’ to Google too, it seems like it’s impossible to get actual transcripts. Ah, academic bureaucracy.

Yea, KDE devs have it easier: http://developer.kde.org/documentation/library/cvs-api/kdelibs-apidocs/dnssd/html/servicebrowser_8cpp-source.html

As far as I can tell it uses the good ole dns_sd.h and provides functions in that nice Qt way.

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June 30, 2006 at 12:43 am

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The week of fixing compilation errors mostly

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My last post was complaining about QCA2, (wasn’t qmake’s fault!) that turned out to not be such a big problem after all. The linker (when compiling the tools) was looking for the qca library in the system directory, which of course contained QCA1. I solved it very ungracefully by writing over the system qca lib temporarily with a symlink to the qca2 lib. That worked. Although, now it even works without the need to do that, which i *think* is because of the fact that the lib is in /usr/local now. Although I can’t remember if that was the reason…

I went on to compile the latest dev version of psi from the source repository, which of course had problems… but thankfully it only required a ‘darcs pull’ (cvs update equivalent) the next day to solve the problem. There’s some nice stuff in the latest psi.

Went on then to compile various bits of Justin’s code. Had multiple compile errors but nothing to serious. Irisnet is a proof of concept tool that he wrote that does _presence._tcp service announcement, and ambrosia is a proof of concept jabber server that uses iris. Iris is very powerful

Also learned more about Qt this week, the whole signals and slots paradigm is pretty nifty! I’ve definately learned quite a bit from all the compile errors I’ve been getting too, both general Makefile and Qt specific.

Oh, I got the Google surprise! Hopefully nobody will read this and doesn’t already know!

Google surprise

And this is where I work and will be for only 1 more week…:

Where I work

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June 20, 2006 at 12:28 am