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Starting summer of code – not good first day

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So I've just been looking around today and I discover this: http://www.porchdogsoft.com/products/howl/ -howl is dead.

So I need to reconsider and talk to my mentor about what to go with at this stage for the mDNS implementation. Avahi is not multiplatform and Bonjour is licensed under the "Apple Public Source LIcense", which I'm skeptical about but need to find out more about it. Hopefully since Avahi is just a compatibility layer anyway, then they both have the same interface and so I can sorta get around the problem. Avahi should eventually get ported to Windows although I think there is an issue of different IPC mechanisms to overcome first.

So, having just completed my exams yesterday, now a week behind all the other SOCers I might have an obstacle. My original deadline for completing the initial mDNS was 18th June. I really hope I can still make that.

Update: The Apple public source license is OSI certified open source, which is cool. 


Written by jasonmc

June 2, 2006 at 4:14 pm

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