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According to my bookmark preferences, I am:
Investigative individuals are analytical, intellectual and observant, and enjoy research, mathematical or scientific activities. They are drawn to ambiguous challenges and may feel stifled in highly structured environments. People who fall into this category enjoy using logic and solving highly complex, abstract problems. They are introspective and focused on creative problem-solving, therefore investigative types often work autonomously and do not seek leadership roles. They place a high value on science and learning, and perceive themselves as scholarly and having scientific or mathematical ability but lacking leadership and persuasive skills. The preferred work environment of the investigative type encourages scientific competencies, allows independent work, and focuses on solving abstract, complex problems in original ways. Typical investigative careers include medical technologist, biologist, chemist, and systems analyst.


Written by jasonmc

January 28, 2006 at 4:10 pm

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