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Found this cool video tonight at: http://www.realboring.com/time/

It really got me thinking about how life should should not be wasted. As my friends know, I don’t watch tv anymore; for a number of reasons, including the absolute waste of time that it was in my life. Although, it’s only fair for me to recognise how much an influence that it has had in making me who I am, good or bad.


Written by jasonmc

January 2, 2006 at 2:46 am

Posted in General, personal

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  1. heya
    yes yes ill take the award for being the first commenter here. dang i just felt like saying commentator there.

    nice layout. i like! clean and neat and most importantly -readable. i love short posts.they make blogs readable. heres a confession – i almost never read anybody’s blogs. i just dont, except for a few handful of really close friends. theyre too longwinded, self centred and what not. i have another confession – i dont even read my own writings. i hate it. used to write life’s subtle moments, useful observations, share things bla bla bla but now when i have something useful to say(which i do alot) it always slips my mind when i get on the computer. theres a saying life took over. im usually a minimalist in writing, and when im not im the exact opposite like now. but i like pictures!

    been thinking of wordpress for a long long long time actually, but i didnt know anyone using it personally to give the verbal assurance and all. and when it comes to robustness- bloggers’ been around for a long long time – cant go wrong there. thanks would look into wordpress.

    now its time to call up the bookmark i put for wordpress themes.


    January 4, 2006 at 8:00 am

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