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Weird little Google message

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I’ve been noticing a data transfer to googlesyndication message in my firefox status bar recently. I’m gonna guess that one of my extensions is playing nasty and pretending I’m clicking on ads. I hope it’s that because otherwise, I have no idea what google desktop/talk/earth has done to me firefox!

I have the del.icio.us, sage, web developer, foXpose, CustomizeGoogle, ScrapBook, Google PageRank Status, Tab Mix Plus, SessionSaver 2 and LiveHTTPHeaders extensions.

In other news, I just finished my C/C++ multiprocess assignment involving shared memory and message queues. I would put the code on the web, but it uses code given to me by the lecturer and that code came without a license. So I assume it’s copyrighted.

Oh well 🙂

I still have Prolog and VHDL assignments to do before Christmas break on Friday! Another year is in the bag.

Update: I just realised after posting this that it was probably the Google PageRank Status plugin that was contacting Google. That would make sense! D’uh


Written by jasonmc

December 7, 2005 at 12:44 am

Posted in General

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